HNW - Colorfast Silk Thread

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Sun May 7 01:56:27 PDT 2000

Gosh, don't be afraid of it... just cut a length that is comfortable for you
and plough right into the fabric with it.  At about $1.00 a pack, I tend to
use a lot of the stuff.  Some of my blackwork things have been washed a good
dozen times and washed pretty vigorously (insofar as the class pieces that
get handled go).

Dampen, I've never done that although I confess to being a consistent floss
licker <G>

I use the stuff on linen, on damask aida, on perforated paper on silk, with
gold, to make tassels - in short for everything one would use stranded
cottons on.

As I said earlier, I've had only one minor difficulty with colorfastness and
that was easily handled.

It is my fiber of choice for period samplers and silk shading.

Linn Skinner
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> I bought several skeins of Madeira silk thread but have been very leery of
> using it. I have heard that I need to wet - only cut in in 8 to 10"
> etc.
> Would someone who has worked with it please give me some guidelines as I
> really want to try it.
> Bunny
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