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Harriet W. Meek hmeek at
Sun May 7 03:36:01 PDT 2000

Hi folks,

Kim suggests a change of subject, so maybe I can help with that.

I'm just back from Tuscany (with a sidetrip to Umbria).  I didn't have much
luck with finding more interesting Asissi embroidery than I already had, or
more patterns, but I did find plenty of workable stonecarvings, etc.

Italy -- the parts I was in -- is absolutely lovely.  We stayed in a 400
year old gracious stone villa in the country -- actually a very small
village with a 13th century church.  Gardens (several), daily breakfast on
the patio, wonderful food which we cookede and ate in restaurants, many
walled cities, Etruscan ruins along with all the rest.. . . I now have jet
lag but am too wound up to stop quite yet.

I went around with a camera and photographed lots of things that might work
in embroidery -- mostly bas relief (is that the word?) stone sculpture. I
would have liked to take more pictures in some of the churches, esp. of
woodcarving, but this was prohibited -- but maybe some is available in
books, etc.

There seemed to be little needlework but there was one lovely altar cloth,
white linen with red birds, perhaps roosters prancing around the edge, in
Perugia.  Not Asissi, but perhaps the reverse (with the animal in the red
embroidery thread, not the base fabric.)

There was one shop with some older Asissi work, done by the man's mother
20-30 years ago, small towels, napkins, etc.  He wanted an arm and a leg
for them and I didn't like any of them well enough to buy them, but I did
get a good look and the backs are all very neat, done so the pattern is
nearly reversible, in a series of lines, rather than xx's.  eg.  (hope this
comes across)

back:                               front:
		|||||||||||			XXXXXXXXXXX
		||||| |||||			XXXXX XXXXX
		||||   ||||			XXXX   XXXX
		|||     |||			XXX     XXX
		||||   ||||			XXXX   XXXX
		||||| |||||			XXXXX XXXXX
		|||||||||||			XXXXXXXXXXX

However, the work itself seemed not as fine as I might have wanted -- I
generally use 1-2 strands of floss and this had at least 4-6, etc.  And the
patterns were pretty basic, fairly simple.

I recommend Tuscany and Umbria highly, especially the very very small towns
and villages and away from the touristy areas.  The highways are good and
driving there is quite manageable even with no Italian and I especially
loved the very small secondary roads.

I'll let you know how my photography worked out.


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