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> I bought several skeins of Madeira silk thread but have been very leery of
>  using it. I have heard that I need to wet - only cut in in 8 to 10" length,
>  etc.
>  Would someone who has worked with it please give me some guidelines as I
>  really want to try it.

Oh, gee, just plunge right in.  I never baby it.  Cut it in a comfortable 
length (I usually use standard 18" cuts) and don't bother with wetting it.  
It's remarkably fuss free, unlike rayon threads, which are more trouble than 
they're worth, IM not-so HO.  Honestly, it's no harder to work with than 
stranded cottons and considerably prettier.   I wash all my embroidery very 
gently, so there's no difference in how I treat silk pieces as opposed to 
cotton ones.

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