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<<  IIRC, what was determined to have caused the
 bleeding from my silk floss was the soap I used to try to clean the
 piece (woolite). >>

As a former lingerie fitter I *always* discouraged my clients from using 
Woolite on anything.  Not only can it make colors (not just red) bleed, but 
several different fibers (admittedly, mostly modern - though linen and wool 
occasionally have problems) can be damaged by it.  What I recommend instead 
(for needlework *and* clothing) are three different products:
1.  "Magic Crystal" soap powder.  It's sold in the lingerie department of 
various better department stores (Macy's and Nordstrom, for example).
2.  Johnson's Baby Shampoo.  It's exceptionally mild, and it rinses 
completely clean.
3.  Ivory liquid dish soap for the same reasons as #2.

Hope this helps!
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