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Diane S. Sawyer tasha_medved at
Mon May 8 05:48:58 PDT 2000

--- Linn Skinner <skinner02 at> wrote:
> Dampen, I've never done that although I confess to being a
> consistent floss
> licker <G>
> Linn Skinner
> > I bought several skeins of Madeira silk thread but have been very
> leery of
> > using it. I have heard that I need to wet - only cut in in 8 to
> 10"
> length,
> > etc.
> >
> > Bunny

There's something that says you need to wet silk floss before you use
it?  Is this to wash it out or should it be wet as you stitch with
it?  I did a favor for my boyfriend in silk on linen and treated it
like cotton floss -- I used Splendor and was very happy with it.  I'm
planning a major project (for me it's major!) and will definitely use
Splendor -- the price is right, and it's readily available at my LNS
(Local Needlework Shop).

So what's this about wetting silk...?


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