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Mon May 8 16:08:24 PDT 2000

Back when i was a young sprout, in the 1960's, we did "Swedish 
weaving" on huck toweling in our Home Ec. classes in junior high.

It recently dawned on me that this technique, nowadays also called 
"Huck weaving", would be good for garb trim, regardless of historic 
authenticity. With the right fabric, one could do it right on the 
garb; in other cases, one can do it on a strip of appropriate fabric 
and sew it on. In any case, one will avoid that "store-bought trim" 

On the off chance that it might be within "SCA period", i consulted 
with a woman i know who is quite knowledgeable about Scandinavian 
textiles about whether or not this technique existed "in period". She 
said, yes, it did; it was rather late; and done in relatively simple 
designs in Scandinavia (or at least Northern Europe).

As Scandinavian textiles are not my area of expertise, i wonder if 
anyone has any idea of books or resources where i can see these 
patterns - i'll be asking her myself when next i see her, but that 
won't be for a few weeks, and i'm eager to get started since i have 
to create a whole new wardrobe for myself as all my garb and all my 
inkle weaving (some of which was trim on garb), and all my Medieval 
Egyptian knitting but one, and some natural dyeing was stolen right 
before West Kingdom Beltane (not by anyone in the SCA - and the creep 
who took it probably dumped it in the trash after he opened the bags 
and saw it wasn't exactly "normal")

Any ideas for where i can see some historical "Swedish weaving"?

Anahita al-shazhiyya
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