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Tue May 9 15:21:47 PDT 2000

I probably would not object so much to waxing if the embroidery I do was meant to be washed frequently in a washing machine - but it isn't.  It will eventually wash out (even candle wax will eventually wash out of linens).  If you do use it on something that will not be washed several times however, it will flake, change the lustre and will eventually discolor your fibers.  It may seem inert, but it really isn't.  Beeswax is less offensive than other commercial waxes if you really have a need to use wax in sewing.

H-Needlework at wrote:
> I wax all my threads, the dmc flower, six strand and sewing. I havent tried 
silk yet. If you are using it for clothing, I find it is easier to stitch, 
and since it gets washed in the machine, the beeswax comes out easily. It 
doesnt even stay on the thread while I stitch, I sometimes rewax the thread a 
couple times. Maybe it is wrong, but the pieces i make this way have lasted 
at least six years, and many machine washings.
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