HNW - wax/needle threader

Dorothy & Lou dotlou at
Wed May 10 06:22:53 PDT 2000

1)Have used thread heaven for beading with nymo thread; it did reduce
the tangles. My price locally is 2.75.
2)threading crewel yarn/fat pearl cotton/etc - there is a "new" needle
threader out on the market. It has a square end heavy wire which goes
thru the eye of the needle (works with all but #28 and beading so far).
Because the end is square the yarn is not compressed like with the thin
"V" shaped wire threader, but it is spread out. I love it. Have seen
these at needlework stores and in fabric stores (sometimes near the
quilting supplies)

lilinah at wrote:
> I just ordered a container of' "Thread Heaven" Thread Conditioner '
> Cost $2.99, so i figure if it's not good, i didn't waste too much money...
> Blurb in the catalog says:
> "An invaluable sewing aid! Non-sticky, acid-free conditioner prevents
> tangling and fraying threads and reduces hand and wrist fatigue,
> while it strengthens and waterproofs thread without staining or
> leaving a residue."
> Now, i suspect a certain amount of this is hyperbole :-)
> Has anyone used this or does anyone know anything about it? Obviously
> not historic (well, ok, historic for the 20th century), but i've been
> having a h**l of a time getting my fuzzy crewel wools into my crewel
> needles and i thought i'd check this stuff out and see if it helped...

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