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Wed May 10 19:53:37 PDT 2000

> Hello the list...
> Oh ladies and gents of the list, I most himbly request help in finding
sources of Elizabethan embroidery and designs.

	In addition to Liadain's list, I'd like to suggest John Nevinson's
Catalogue of English Domestic Embroidery (OOP) and Santina Levey's
Elizabethan Treasures:  The Hardwick Hall Textiles.  That one is available
from B&N or Amazon, ISBN 0-8109-6353-1.  If you're interested in
blackwork, there are several books, my favorite being Blackwork by Mary
Gostelow (ISBN 0-486-40178-2).  If it is your thing, a nice site is the
Blackwork Embroidery Archives at

	Besides blackwork and canvas work, detached buttonhole stitch work
was also very popular.  You see a lot of it on coifs and those beautiful
flowered jackets.

	The Embroiderer's Flowers by Thomasina Beck (ISBN 0-7153-0692-8)
isn't specifically about Elizabethan embroidery but does include quite a
bit of information and several examples of patterns and extant pieces.

	If you're just looking for patterns I'd also suggest The New
Carolingian Modelbook (Hedgehog Handworks still has copies) and some 
rechartings of period work by Susan Evans.  The ones I have are
The True Perfection of Design, The Needles Excellency, and Nicolo
Zoppino's Universali.  A couple of them say they were published by
Falconwood Press, no address.  They're cerlox bound sheets so I don't
imagine there were a huge number printed or that the publisher still has
copies but used book stores may have them--that's where I found mine.

	Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd (Arnold) has some good
embroidery info, as does Dress in the Age of Elizabeth I (Ashelford).


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