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Thu May 11 07:15:12 PDT 2000

The art of English blackwork by Jane zimmerman (self pub)
The art of Elizabethan Embroidery by Jane Zimmerman (surface and
blackwork, detached buttonhole)     
Those big coffee table art books to study for details - especially the
blackwork and lace details!
Queen Elizabeth's wardrobe unlock'd -expensive, suppose to be back in
print but still expensive, but to drool over
For pulled work try Mary Frye's or one titles Danish ...(can't find
these two right now. But theygive examples of period pieces.
The Needlework of Mary, Queen of Scots by Margaret Swain, which seems to
have an excellent bib in the back.
Did anyone mention Hardwick Hall book?

We need a FAQ of books and links!   ;-)
dragondancer wrote:
> Hello the list...
> Oh ladies and gents of the list, I most himbly request help in finding
> sources of Elizabethan embroidery and designs....I am getting involved

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