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> Oh ladies and gents of the list, I most himbly request help in finding 
> sources of Elizabethan embroidery and designs....

Elizabethans often derived their needlework designs from emblem books; an 
online resource for these is the Pennsylvania State University Emblem Book 
Project at:

Jane Ashelford has a chapter in _Dress in the Age of Elizabeth I_ (excellent 
book) which discusses Elizabethan embroidery and the use of emblem book 
designs in needlework.  She also has some bibliography on secondary works on 
emblem books.

If you can find a non-bootlegged copy, _The New Carolingian Modelbook_ is a 
fantastic resource for sixteenth century counted-thread work.  Many many 
patterns, and some discussion of how to use them in the appendices.

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