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Lynn Downward ldownward at
Thu May 11 10:41:24 PDT 2000

>What is buttonhole thread?
>Lynn Downward wrote:
>, but I use regular buttonhole thread
Buttonhole thread, topstitch thread, same basic thing, a thicker than usual
sewing thread sold on the spool.  Carpet thread is even thicker.  I use
these thick threads for blackwork, Assisi work, so that I don't have to
double the thread and deal with the extra problem of keeping tension even.
If you remember, I'm the one who ignores fanatics and I prewash even Aida
cloth in hot water if it's going to be used in a piece of clothing.  I KNOW
that these threads right off the Coats and Clarks spool are washable,
boilable and won't bleed or shrink so I tend to use them for embroidering
on clothing pieces.

All these threads are available anywhere basic thread is sold - not a
specialty type of thread at all.

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