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>i'm not sure where to start...


As somebody who has been doing needlepoint for about 20 years now, I feel that I can probably assist you here.

It is up to you what you do.  I actually prefer to do the background first, and then the rest - depending on the size of the canvas.

If it is a really large canvas, I tend to do the first piece showing on the frame completely, then roll it through, and do the next section.  

It is a lot easier to do the largest patches of colour first - then you have the basis on the back for starting and ending your threads.  

Basically - it is a matter of preference, and how you feel comfortable to stitch.

I do admit though - I love doing the "people" part of canvasses - and tend to leave them for last so that I can then see them in the context of the finished background and decide on stitches accordingly.

As for stitches - I prefer to use tent/contintental stitch as I like the fine effect it gives.

You can get some really interesting effects using other stitches - and feel free to experiment.  You may want to buy some canvas to experiment with tension and stitches before you start on the piece.

I hope that this helps - but feel free to contact me off-list if you want any more info.



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