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Carol Thomas scbooks at
Tue May 16 19:35:21 PDT 2000

I find my work starts out uneven, and improves as I go along - on any piece
of any type.  So I do NOT start in the center.  Lower left is good.  By the
time I get to the part that your eye really goes to, my work is much smoother.

At 11:54 AM 05/16/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear holders of collective wisdom:
>Not a strictly historical question...
>I've never done needlepoint before, and i just got a kit with wool 
>yarns. It says to tape over the edges so they don't snag the yarns, 
>and staple the canvas mesh to a frame evenly before beginning. But 
>once i've done that i'm not sure where to start...
>Does one:
>* Start in the center and work out?
>* Start at one side edge and work regularly to the other?
>* Start with one color and finish it, then do another color?
>Thanks for any pointers
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