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Chris mcelaine at
Wed May 17 00:11:09 PDT 2000

> I've never done needlepoint before, and i just got a kit with wool yarns.
It says to tape over the edges so they don't snag the yarns>
<I actually prefer to do the background first, and then the rest - depending
on the size >

I tend to work the picture part first, then the background.  It helps
straighten up the piece after I mangled it because I don't like to use a
frame (only when using wool or yarn..otherwise I use a frame) By the
background, I mean the solid backgrounds that is used on some projects. I
also try and finish one section at a time. Like the whole person or tree
ect...then go to another. I am also one of those that start out pretty rough
and get smoother as I go but that is because there is usually a year or two
between this type of project. Because of this, starting with a person is not
recommended! :o)  I start with the fences, grass,chairs, etc...something
that is easier.

Christine (Kelley) Miller

**Into the fray with cloth dragons go I with my scissors**

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