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Wed May 17 05:21:16 PDT 2000

Years ago I picked up a set of transparencies at a needlework shop.  They
are 8.5x11,ranging from 4squares to the inch down to 22sqi.  Just place over
the image and instant graph or to make an original, put them in a copier and
you get as many graphs as you like and need.
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Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2000 1:37 AM
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>Gee, i'm full of questions...
>I've seen programs that will convert a picture/graphic into a chart
>grid - this would be useful for certain kinds of embroidery, for
>knitting (my stitches are pretty square) and for beadwork (although i
>know a bead is not a square)
>Problem is, all that i've seen are for PC's. I have a Mac. Anyone
>here know of such a program for the Mac?
>Anahita al-shazhiyya
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