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Wed May 17 14:14:48 PDT 2000

Madilayn wrote:
>I actually prefer to do the background first,
>and then the rest - depending on the size of the canvas.

The pillow top has an allover decorative pattern - basically 
sort-of-paisleys. There isn't exactly a background. Most of the 
colors are fairly evenly distributed throughout the pattern.

>If it is a really large canvas, I tend to do the first piece showing on the
>frame completely, then roll it through, and do the next section.

Given the nature of the pattern, this method is probably better than 
the one above. Can i fake some kind of frame rather than buying one 
of those expensive jobbies?

>It is a lot easier to do the largest patches of colour first - then you
>have the basis on the back for starting and ending your threads.

Because of the pattern, there are no especially large areas of color.

And what do you mean by "the basis on the back for starting and 

>As for stitches - I prefer to use tent/contintental stitch as I like 
>the fine effect it gives.

Pardon my ignorance, is that the sort of "half cross stitch" that 
just goes diagonally in one direction over one intersection of the 
canvas and none of the stitches overlap on the front?

>You can get some really interesting effects using other stitches - and
>  feel free to experiment.  You may want to buy some canvas to experiment
>with tension and stitches before you start on the piece.

For almost every other type of textile art, i just invent or adapt my 
own patterns quite comfortably. But for some reason, i'm feeling a 
bit more hesitant with embroidery.

I did create my own pattern for some Elizabethan crewel work, taking 
every shape from a existing piece, but combining them my own way. For 
some reason, with the counted thread stuff, i feel more constrained.

I've gotten a couple nice kits for cross-stitch (needlebook and 
scissors fob/pin cushion), and a blackwork "emery strawberry" that is 
in two shades of red with tiny spangles. But i'm just not designing 
my own patterns, i think because i feel like there are so many 
different kinds of stitches, that i need to be familiar with some 
number of them before branching out on my own.

Oh, well, i figure i'll get over it :-)

So what are some of the other stitches commonly used in needle point? 
I've got a couple books on bargello, so i'm at least familiar with 
how that looks and goes together, although not in a practical sense. 
And what are the most commonly used before 1601 (SCA)?

Thanks for any assistance,
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