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Fri May 26 05:42:51 PDT 2000

Christine (Kelley) Miller wrote:
>I have "The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework" by Th. de Dillmont.  I have
>had it for years and boy does it have alot in it.  It goes into such precise
>details! I just wished he got into a little more details about when the
>different types of needlework was first started. He also has various ways of
>cleaning the embroidery/lace pieces depending on what type of thread or
>material stitched on.  Has anybody ever seen this book?  If so, how does it
>compare to the others that are out there?

Therèse de Dillmont was female and died fairly young.

This book was written a long time ago, published by DMC, the company 
that makes such excellent yarns and threads for all manner of 
needlecrafts and textiles arts. There's little useful historical 
information, but then, that was not its intent. The book was written 
shortly after the turn of the century, so it has a rather Victorian 

I bought it around 1968, in its original format; it's quite compact, 
tiny, even - something like 3-1/2 X 4-1/2 inches per page, and about 
2 inches thick on rather thin paper, illustrated with line drawings. 
The most recent edition i've seen is relatively large format and has 
color photos of stitches, which makes it easier to see and to use. An 
excellent general technical resource. And if you do late 19th and 
early 20th century historical stuff, it's a treasure trove.

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