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Diane S. Sawyer tasha_medved at
Fri May 26 06:10:05 PDT 2000

--- Chris <mcelaine at> wrote:
> I have "The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework" by Th. de
> Dillmont.  I have
> had it for years and boy does it have alot in it.  It goes into
> such precise
> details! I just wished he got into a little more details about when
> the
> different types of needlework was first started. He also has
> various ways of
> cleaning the embroidery/lace pieces depending on what type of
> thread or
> material stitched on.  Has anybody ever seen this book?  If so, how
> does it
> compare to the others that are out there?
> Christine (Kelley) Miller

I have a soft-cover copy of this sitting on my shelf.  Just so you
know, "he" is a "she" -- Th. stands for Therese.  The book was
written by her and published by DMC in France about a hundred years
ago.  I agree, it's got lots and lots of info, but for variety and
ease of use, it pales in comparison to _Mary Thomas' Dictionary of
Embroidery Stitches_.  Thomas' has much MUCH better diagrams.  After
I bought it, I carried it around with me for weeks, just looking at
the pretty pictures!


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