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Fri May 26 07:23:53 PDT 2000

I have that one as well and use it often.  I definately like it as well.

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   This is a lovely book - by a lady, BTW... I find some of the pictures are
not the
clearest (at least in my copy) but the explanations are great, especially
for things like
"plain sewing" (hah!) and other "old fashioned" techniques not covered in
modern books.


 > I have "The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework" by Th. de Dillmont.  I
 > had it for years and boy does it have alot in it.  It goes into such
 > details! I just wished he got into a little more details about when the
 > different types of needlework was first started. He also has various ways
 > cleaning the embroidery/lace pieces depending on what type of thread or
 > material stitched on.  Has anybody ever seen this book?  If so, how does
 > compare to the others that are out there?
 > Christine (Kelley) Miller

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