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Fri May 26 17:22:29 PDT 2000

Diane/Tasha wrote:
>I agree, it's got lots and lots of info, but for variety and
>ease of use, it pales in comparison to _Mary Thomas' Dictionary of
>Embroidery Stitches_.  Thomas' has much MUCH better diagrams.  After
>I bought it, I carried it around with me for weeks, just looking at
>the pretty pictures!

Then you must have purchased the recent large format edition with the 
color photos.

I bought both my Mary Thomas embroidery books in the late 60's or 
early 70's and they are copies of the originals from the '30's and 
40's, and thus include only black line drawings and a few very grainy 
black-and-white photos, not all that pretty, but certainly useful.

The DMC book by Therese de Dillmont is useful because it contains 
more than just embroidery stitches - it has knitting, crochet, 
macrame, garment sewing, all sorts of stuff. It's an encyclopedia of 
textile arts.

Anahita al-shazhiyya
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