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J. James jesa at
Mon May 29 21:52:34 PDT 2000

Ok......hello all.......I have to share some exciting
book news.....I had to get out of the house for a short
time today and dropped in to my favourite second hand
book store.  There must have been a reason for getting
out of the house......:-))
  I found.....1) Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery
                          Stitches......1998 edition -glorious
     2) The Complete Guide to Needlework (Techniques &
            Materials) Edited by Mary Gostelow  1982 ed.
             -tons of extant photos etc.,
and 3) Needlework Patterns from the Metropolitan Museum
     of Art, by Susan Seigler  1976 ed. - more extant photos.

All for $12.00 Canadian.......about $7.50US in total.....and
a little tax but still all of that for under $10.US.......
    I am very happy......they are all in excellent condition too.
I want to daydream and plan projects all night......:-))

> > Diane/Tasha wrote:
> > >I agree, it's got lots and lots of info, but for variety and
> > >ease of use, it pales in comparison to _Mary Thomas' Dictionary of
> > >Embroidery Stitches_.  Thomas' has much MUCH better diagrams. 

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