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>Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 22:55:22 -0600
>From: Charlene Charette <charlene at>
>Subject: Re: HNW - Pelican gift
>Let me see if I can clarify what I'm asking.
>My husband has never really settled on a time period and usually goes
>'generic SCA'.  However, he does seem to be leaning towards mid
>15th-century cotehardies.  He usually wears a white coif when it's cold
>to keep his head warm.  A friend decided to make him one and was going
>to get another friend to do the stitchery when we talked and decided she
>would sew the coif and I would do the fancy work.  100% historical
>accuracy is not a goal for this particular project.
>This is something that will get a fair amount of use and washing so I
>need a thread that won't fuzz out too badly.  I'm still searching for
>which depiction of a pelican in her piety I'll be using, but it will
>probably be fairly detailed.  Therefore, I'm assuming I'll need a fine
>thread.  I'll probably be using chain and stem stitching.
>I've got the fabric - it's a white linen.  So I'm still down to which
>thread -- wool or silk?  And which brand?
>- --Charlene, who is finally branching away from counted thread techniques

Since this is an item that you expect to wash frequently, I would recommend 
a good silk for the embroidery rather than wool. Pre-wash the silk to be 
certain that the dye won't run and you should be all set. It sounds like a 
lovely gift.

Joan Jurancich
Sacramento, CA
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