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Sarah Randles s-randles at
Wed Nov 1 20:23:50 PST 2000

Charlene said:

>This is something that will get a fair amount of use and washing so I
>need a thread that won't fuzz out too badly.  I'm still searching for
>which depiction of a pelican in her piety I'll be using, but it will
>probably be fairly detailed.  Therefore, I'm assuming I'll need a fine
>thread.  I'll probably be using chain and stem stitching.

For my money I'd go with silk, but use a thread with a twist rather than a
flat floss, to reduce fuzzing.  I'm rather enamoured of the Guttermann
machine silks for hand embroidery, but they might be a bit fine for your
purposes.  I think someone mentioned the Madiera silks, and they're also
quite good.  Some of the artsilks (i.e. rayon) are quite a good substitute
for silk, and don't fuzz, but are not necessarily colour fast and should be
tested before use.

In terms of stitches, if you want to fill areas rather than outline them,
have you thought of split stitch?  It was used throughout the medieval
period, is easy, and gives a very nice effect, including allowing you to
follow the contours of your design.


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