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Hm.  Since the only Dover facsimile books I'm aware of (Vinciolo and
Vecellio) are Embroidery AND Lace patterns, perhaps she would be interested
in Le Pompe, 1559, subtitled Patterns for Venetian bobbin lace.  by Santina
M Levey and Patricia C. Payne,  Carleton Bedford 1983..   (However I believe
it is still available, mine came from Robin & Russ Handweavers)

Now if there are other facsimile books in the Dover catalog, I'm all ears
since they tend to be less painful to my pocket book.

On the other hand, I'm still planning on adding Kathryn's Needlework
Patterns from Renaissance Germany to my library.  I've seen and drooled over
it from a friend's collection.  Just been too easily distracted to order it

Jeanette Gugler
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> I have a client who is treating herself this Christmas.  She's given me
> a fixed amount of money and a list of books (and even wants me to wrap
> them so she doesn't know which they are until Christmas).
> Anyway, she would like facsimile Renaissance needlework books.  She
> already has everything Dover has in print.  I need to check what Curious
> Works Press has.  Others?  (Kathryn - do you still have copies of your
> book?)
> Thanks,
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