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Anne of Bradford rdwlist at
Sat Nov 18 12:28:13 PST 2000

I've got two references:  

Early Russian Embroidery in the Zagorsk Museum Collection, 1983,
Sovetskaya Russia Publishers.  I couldn't find an ISBN, editor or
author.  Mostly ecclesiastical work from the 15th, 16th and 17th
centuries.  I'd enjoy it even more if I could translate the Russian! 
Highly recommended.

Russian Embroidery: Traditional Motifs, 1990, Sovetskaya Rossiya
Publishers, Moscow. ISBN 5-268-00427-I.  18th - 20th C secular work -
towels, head-dresses, shirts, dresses, etc.  Highly recommended for
documentation within the 18th - 20th c, but not much good for late 15th

 - Anne
SNSpies at wrote:
> << for a new costume I am looking for patterns (and/or books) on
>  Russian needlework from the early 1500s.
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