HNW - beeswax?

Frank Thallas hardcorps at
Sat Nov 18 13:34:05 PST 2000

    I'm working a blackworked shirt with handspun silk right now, and I find the beeswax to be of ENORMOUS help.   I have a tiny little block of it that I keep in a pocket or (usually) in the front of my shirt, because keeping it warm makes it work much more smoothly.
     Also be sure to check the nap of the silk and use it the "right way round", to prevent fraying and knotting.


  I am considering using hand spun silk for embroidery but I am concerned about 
  it fraying. Has anyone ever used beeswax on silk thread? Would it keep the 
  silk from fraying from passing it through the fabric? Thanks. sh 
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