HNW - beeswax?

Rachael AKA Theodora ladythea at
Sat Nov 18 18:08:26 PST 2000

I prefer not to use beeswax any more, mostly due to the fact that it leaves quite a bit of residue and will yellow over time.  I prefer to use Thread Heaven, which is a readily available silicone based conditioner.  It works quite well on silk threads and metallic threads.  You just have to make sure you coat it well.  

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On Sat, 18 Nov 2000 03:04:28   SLH1500 wrote:
>I am considering using hand spun silk for embroidery but I am concerned about 
>it fraying. Has anyone ever used beeswax on silk thread? Would it keep the 
>silk from fraying from passing it through the fabric? Thanks. sh
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