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Jacquie Samples jacquie-samples at
Wed Nov 22 04:48:43 PST 2000

Our library has the original book on microfilm. I'm not sure if the 
facsimile is made from the same copy, but nevertheless I would recommend it 
to you.  I made photocopies of it years ago, but I'm still planning on 
getting this edition.  I'm sure that the information from the editors will 
make it very worthwhile.

Jacquie Samples

At 11:03 PM 11/21/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Dorothy & Lou wrote:
> > Don't know if anyone mentioned this book. I just picked it up at EGA
> > Seminar in October. Don't ask what I paid!
>Someone mentioned this to me in a private email.  Since the client said
>"surprise me" and gave me sufficient funds, I'm leaning towards getting
>her this book.  I've heard lots of wonderful things about it and if she
>owns a copy I can borrow it.  :-)

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