HNW - critique of my newest book, please?

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Wed Nov 22 04:30:53 PST 2000

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> This weekend I picked up another book. (I need to build on a room: all the
> bookcases are full).
> Annette Feldman, Handmade Lace & Patterns.
> Does anyone know anything about it? There are some great photos, but
> seemingly not as much information as I'd like. Well, there's never THAT
> information, is there, so what I need to know is, is what's there,
> Jo Anne

I have this book, you are right there is not much in the history part of the
book. But I bought it for the pictures in the front, especially the photo of
the 16th century Macramé on page 17.
Dinah bint Ismai'l

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