HNW - Islamic Egypt

Dorothy & Lou dotlou at
Wed Nov 22 06:52:19 PST 2000

The most recent Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly #21 has an
article "Embroideries and Samplers of Islamic Egypt".  It references
Oxford's Ashmolean Museum, the Newberry Collection. The authur talks
about stitches used (with dates!), good photos (6, one of which is a
detail of another photo). A book is to be published in 2001 by the
museum with 66 photos, broken down into 3 periods:Tulunid(AD 868- 905),
Fatimid Caliphate (AD 969-1171) and Mamluk...ending with Ottoman
conquest in 1517. WHAT really caught my eye is that 2 of the pieces in
the photos are carbon dated; 1395+/-40 and 1460 +/-75.
	This one book I can really look forward to be published. Has anyone
been to the Ashmolean Museum and make comments. Thanks!

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