HNW - "Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly"

Sue Clemenger mooncat at
Fri Nov 24 21:33:53 PST 2000

Nice magazine, isn't it? I picked up an issue at a convention this
summer (has part 2 of the Millenium Sampler in it).  Just received my
"order" for the previous issue (M.S., part 1).  IIRC, there's a phone
number in the last couple of pages (along with the "ad" for the back
issues), and maybe even an email address.  I betcha you could email them
or call or something, and ask about issue content.  It's not something
I've done, but they were pretty helpful and pretty responsive when I
asked for the back issue.
--Maire, whose girlfriends oughta know better by now than to express
disbelief that I'm crazy enough to start (and finish, eventually)
something as extensive as _that_ sampler (oooh, oooh, we scented a
challenge <g>)

SNSpies at wrote:
> Hello to the list.
> I just bought my first copy of "Sampler & Antique Quarterly" and am wondering
> if there is a way to learn what the content of the first twenty issues was.
> Thanks.
> Nancy / Ingvild
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