[HNW] Montenegrin, Long-armed cross stitch direction

Agatha Typke atypke at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 12:37:43 PST 2001


I'm usually a lurker, but since this list has gotten
sleepy over the past few days, it's not so much fun to
lurk, and so I've decided to finally post

So, first a brief intro: I'm a beginning stitcher,
been lurking here since I really like the older styles
of embroidery (an hate and dispise kitchy kits with
only simple cross...). I also like a challenge! I am
an American ex-pat in the UK.

Right now, I'm working on a copy/interpretation of an
Italian 16th century tablecloth. (I'll post a pic
later). The stitches are: simple cross, long armed
cross (LAX), montenegrin, and holbein (I give the
German names too, since I learned the stitches from a
German book, and am not sure of the English names:
Montenegrin = Seitlich gerahmte Zopfstich, long-armed
cross = Zopfstich) I'm having trouble deciding which
direction the first leg of the Montenegrin and LAX
should go. Match with the simple-X, follow the leaf
veins in the pattern, or let it be haphazard? What's
"correct" for the period (again, 16th cent. Italy)?
Anyone have any strong personal opinions? Experience
with this combo of stiches? I'm interested in any and
all input!
The original tablecloth isn't much help - I'm working
from a thumbnail photo where you can't even see which
stitch goes where, and from what _is_ visible, this
was one way sloppy piece of needlework! (add another
to that collection???) Okay, I'll stop there. More
questions to follow over the coming weeks!


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