[HNW] Montenegrin, Long-armed cross stitch direction

Sarah Randles s-randles at adfa.edu.au
Tue Dec 11 15:58:43 PST 2001

Agatha said:

 I'm having trouble deciding which
>direction the first leg of the Montenegrin and LAX
>should go. Match with the simple-X, follow the leaf
>veins in the pattern, or let it be haphazard? What's
>"correct" for the period (again, 16th cent. Italy)?
>Anyone have any strong personal opinions? Experience
>with this combo of stiches? I'm interested in any and
>all input!

Most of the long-armed cross stitch, Italian cross-stitch and montenegrin
stitch works that I have seen from the sixteenth century work one line in
one direction and the next line in the opposite direction.  That creates a
nice textured effect.  I haven't seen anything where there is an attempt to
follow the contours of the design, such as the leaf veins, as you suggest.


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