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Morgan Cain morgancain at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 19 20:41:48 PST 2001

This was posted to another list, and I looked and thought it might be of
interest to persons here:

> http://www.royal-needlework.co.uk/mailordr/welcome_to_mailorder.htm
>  - their for sale section/bookstore/whatever anyway they are now selling a
>                             ON SALE NOW! £19.99
> The Definitive Guide to Cross-Stitch and Tapestry
>  An exciting new Multi-Media Product
> Using all the capabilities of computer multi-media, video and sound to
explain techniques, stitches and
> history.
> Create your own stunning designs or chose from the 1200 exclusive RSN
motifs from Elizabethan times to
> present day.
> Learn how to work 22 stitch types with video demonstrations and diagrams,
for cross-stitch, canvas work
> (tapestry) and blackwork to use in your own designs.  Stitch types include
full cross-stitch, backstitch,
> beading and gold thread couching.
> Learn how to choose the correct type of fabric, needle, frame and thread
with explanations on how to
> transfer a design and mount the finished piece.
> Contains the History of Blackwork, Canvas Work (Tapestry) and Samplers
illustrated with items from the
> Royal School of Needlework Collection.

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