[HNW] Help identifying needlework

Penny Ladnier penny at costumegallery.com
Thu Dec 27 12:40:27 PST 2001

A small museum, Union County Heritage Museum, recently acquired a donation
of a piece of needlework and they are trying to identify the work.  Here is
the information provided:

"We have this tapestry.  I am trying to gather information about its age or
anything else about it.  It was purchased at an estate sale and the man who
bought it brought it to our little museum in hopes of finding out something
about it.  So far, we do not know anything.  Are there clues that would tell
me information.  It is needlepoint, wool thread.  Very faded parts depict a
city, probably Jerusalem.  Does this look like a familiar style of a certain

I have placed to images of the work on my website.  Please go to:

If you can help this museum, please email the curator, Jill, at Union County
Heritage Museum, uchs at dixie-net.com

Penny Ladnier
Owner, The Costume Gallery & Costume Classroom

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