[HNW] Elizabethan Embroidery books

Robin Berry rlberry at coastside.net
Fri Dec 28 14:37:00 PST 2001

>Exploring Elizabethan Embroidery
>by Dorothy Clarke

The stitches and designs in this book are close to original pieces.
Start with this book.

>Elizabethan Needlework Accessories
>by Sheila Marshall

The designs on the pieces are close to original pieces - at least the flowers.

>Festive Elizabethan Creations
>Shirley Holdaway
not as close as the others

The projects are decidedly not appropriate for SCA in any of the
books.  This type of embroidery was used for very limited items.  To
learn the techniques - try doing a sampler.  I did one which I'm now
using as a needlebook (picture in yahoo groups photos file - Members
work).  You could easily do a pouch.

The adaptation of the designs are also modern in concept.  Looking at
lots of period pieces you begin to see that there are few rules, but
there are a few trends.  For example, most pieces are only detached
buttonhole in the execution of the flowers.

Hope this helps.

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