[HNW] "The Needlework of Mary Queen of Scots"

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I can recommend this book.  Margaret Swain is a meticulous researcher and
has untangled to my satisfaction most of the questions of exactly what did
Mary stitch and what was incorrectly attributed to her.  I'm glad they
decided to put it into reprint as it was a bit rare for awhile.

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> I carry it, and have 1 in stock at the moment.  It was out of print for a
> long time, but is available again.
> >I found my book through Albris.   It was hard to find.   They have a
> >
> > >I used to own it.  It's a look at the needlework Mary Queen of Scots
> > >actually did while 'a guest' of the English Queen.  It has some
> > >on contemporary embroidery, including what they had for kits in those
> > >on contemporary embroidery pattern sources, and on the pieces and the
> > >embroiderers themselves.  As I recall it has some pictures clear enough
> > >that you can see stitches.
> > >
> > >If you're looking for a recommendation as to whether or not to buy
> > >a copy, go for it.  I gave mine to someone as a gift, but have missed
> >since.
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