[HNW] Re: "The Needlework of Mary Queen of Scots"

Chris Laning claning at igc.org
Sat Dec 29 19:29:36 PST 2001

At 4:54 PM -0800 12/28/01, Lee Carter wrote:
>I found my book through Albris.   It was hard to find.   They have a website.

It's actually out in paperback -- I have a copy. Mine is a 1986
edition from Ruth Bean Publishers, Victora Farmhouse, Carlton,
Bedford MK43 7LP England. The ISBN is 0-903585-22-7. It cost me
something like $20-$25 a year or so ago.

It's well worth having just for the pictures. More than 25 of the
canvas work "beasts" pieces from the Oxburgh handling are presented
in photos detailed enough to chart from, though unfortunately most of
them are black and white rather than color.
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