[HNW] "The Needlework of Mary Queen of Scots"

amreid@qbe.com.au amreid at qbe.com.au
Sun Dec 30 14:01:20 PST 2001

Hi all.

Mary wrote:
"If you are looking for patterns I would recommend Kathryn Newell's book
"Needlework Patterns from Renaissance Germany" a collection of designs recharted
from Schon Neues Modelbuch of 1597."

Mary, is this the reprint of Nicholas Bassee's pattern book by Curious Works
Press or am I confusing two similar works together?  The Bassee reprint is
original plates rather being re-charted designs.

Bassee is a great resource for all sorts of patterns, in a very useful little
volume.  I bought my copy from Carllein (Carol) at Small Churl Books (who is
also on the List) some time back.

Sydney, Australia
(SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari)

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