[HNW] new year's costume resolutions

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Sun Dec 30 16:22:58 PST 2001

Katya wrote:
> What costume resolutions do other people have?

My Big Resolution is to complete an outfit from each of the classes I've
taken/am taking through Penny's Costume Classroom. Oh, and a couple of
Gothic Fitted Gowns <g>
So that would be (hmmm):
1.  One American Colonial outfit (for a woman), including stays,
embroidered pockets, shift, cap, petticoats, and jacket. [Christine's
classes] I'm actually part-way through this, but it's slow going, as I'm
sewing it by hand....
2.  One really dazzling Elizabethan or Tudor--including stays,
farthingale, skirts, bodice, truly amazing blackwork (tm) on the shift
sleeves, etc.  Jewelry, too, if I can manage it. [Drea's class]  I've
been doing this time period for a while now, but really, really need to
rework some of my patterns...
3.  A spiffy early Anglo-Saxon (pre-Christian) outfit--complete with
shoes and jewelry. [Ben's 1st class]
4.  An undetermined (but no doubt just as spiffy) later Anglo-Saxon
outfit [Ben's next class, which starts next month]
5.  Enough bobbin lace to edge an Elizabethan ruff ca. 1580 [Bjarne's
lace class, starting next month]
6.  A 1770s-1780s woman's outfit, based on the Caraco pattern and
petticoat pattern from JP Ryan.  I want to quilt the petticoat.  Stays a
prerequisite <g> [JP's stays class from 2001, and her Caraco class from
7.  Something lovely and decadent and dripping lace, from Restoration
England [Nicole's class]
8.  An outfit taken from the Tres Riches Heures, using Robin's ideas on
making Gothic Fitted Gowns and Houpelandes.
9.  A 12th-century woman's gown (wool) with pendant sleeves, from
Robin's article on same.  I have the blue wool for the gown, and have
cream-colored wool that I want to dye with madder for the sleeve
linings. I'll probably use linen for the undergown.
10. At least one really nice, reasonably authentic Norse outfit (10th
century, western europe) as would be likely to be worn at court in
Dublin by a native Irish woman.....
11. Oh, and a couple of flemish outfits, based on Drea's instructions.
I have the wool and linen for these, and anticipate wearing them by next
tourney season...;-)
Geez, Penny, maybe I _have_ taken a lot of classes through your site in
the last year <ggg>
--Sue, certifiably insane costume junkie

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