[HNW] embroidery machines

amreid@qbe.com.au amreid at qbe.com.au
Sun Dec 30 18:29:15 PST 2001

Kayta wrote:

"The other friend has a loving and indulgent husband who makes a lot of money,
so when she told him she wanted one he got it for her.  Her machine is
top-of-the-line and brand new, not that she can use it for anything but seams
yet.  She said I could play with it when her husband gets the scanner up.  Her
husband, a Silicon Valley professional (guy geek), should be able to figure out
how it works, but he's an engineer, not a needleworker or a teacher."

It sounds like this one might be able to take scanned images.  It varies between
brands and machines I think.  Some brands don't take a regular computer floppy,
you have to insert special cards or cartridges you buy from the sewing machine
manufacturer with themed sets of standard designs on them.  I think some even
have a touch screen that allows you to create or modify simple patterns, but not
input scanned images.  It sounds like your friend might have one of the better
ones though, I guess one way to find out is to see if it has a slot to take
floppy disks or cables to connect direct to a computer.


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