[HNW] new year's costume resolutions

Mary Edenfield ladymari at cybertrails.com
Sun Dec 30 20:49:28 PST 2001

Subject: [HNW] new year's costume resolutions

> What costume resolutions do other people have?

top of the list is to get the two shades of green goose eye cotton twill off
the loom where it has languished a year now, first because I was sick and
then too busy to get to it. It's promised to the daughter as a shirt. In the
meantime to finish spinning some slightly varigated brown fleece into med.
singles and weave them into yardage to become either an under or overdress,
late 16th c. Irish style; depending on how much yardage it comes out
to......In the meantime, I have to finish two pair of coarse wool stockings
for the kid going back to college in snow country, then maybe I'll finally
finish the heel and foot of the second stocking of a pair in red wool, based
loosely on Elenora of Toledos 10 stitches & 13 rows to the inch! When those
are off the fine needles, there's a pair of patterned stockings from Ireland
I might copy for my husband.... Along with new leines for both of us before
the war in Feb. mmmmm then we'll be looking for some new fleece and yarn for
a dye day.....
Mairi, Atenveldt
Canyon Keep Ent.
period pigments, dyes, books

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