[HNW] new year's costume resolutions

Penny Ladnier costumegallery at home.com
Sun Dec 30 22:42:16 PST 2001

My resolution is to spend more time on some needlework projects that I had
started over the past few years.  Three days ago, I picked up a Paula
Vaughan cross-stitch piece with showcasing two Victorian dresses.  I
finished a quarter of it this weekend.   This thing must have a hundred
colors in it.  I started this piece about five years ago, before my disk
slipped in my neck.

I am also going to devote more time to painting.  My son gave me a wall
plaque that matches my rose wallpaper in my dining room.  My husband is
buying me a large medallion for the ceiling.  It too matches my rose
wallpaper.  I will be painting all the roses on the pieces to match the
decor.  A couple of years ago, I painted six rose accented swag holders (for
a lack of a better word) that hold 30 yards of fabric that drapes around the
room.  My husband says the room looks like a wedding cake.

Penny Ladnier
Owner, The Costume Gallery & Costume Classroom

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