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Hey, Sue, when you finish, you can remake the show Quantum Leap!!!!  Then
you can leap all over history.

Penny Ladnier
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> Katya wrote:
> >
> > What costume resolutions do other people have?
> My Big Resolution is to complete an outfit from each of the classes I've
> taken/am taking through Penny's Costume Classroom. Oh, and a couple of
> Gothic Fitted Gowns <g>
> So that would be (hmmm):
> 1.  One American Colonial outfit (for a woman), including stays,
> embroidered pockets, shift, cap, petticoats, and jacket. [Christine's
> classes] I'm actually part-way through this, but it's slow going, as I'm
> sewing it by hand....
> 2.  One really dazzling Elizabethan or Tudor--including stays,
> farthingale, skirts, bodice, truly amazing blackwork (tm) on the shift
> sleeves, etc.  Jewelry, too, if I can manage it. [Drea's class]  I've
> been doing this time period for a while now, but really, really need to
> rework some of my patterns...
> 3.  A spiffy early Anglo-Saxon (pre-Christian) outfit--complete with
> shoes and jewelry. [Ben's 1st class]
> 4.  An undetermined (but no doubt just as spiffy) later Anglo-Saxon
> outfit [Ben's next class, which starts next month]
> 5.  Enough bobbin lace to edge an Elizabethan ruff ca. 1580 [Bjarne's
> lace class, starting next month]
> 6.  A 1770s-1780s woman's outfit, based on the Caraco pattern and
> petticoat pattern from JP Ryan.  I want to quilt the petticoat.  Stays a
> prerequisite <g> [JP's stays class from 2001, and her Caraco class from
> 2002]
> 7.  Something lovely and decadent and dripping lace, from Restoration
> England [Nicole's class]
> 8.  An outfit taken from the Tres Riches Heures, using Robin's ideas on
> making Gothic Fitted Gowns and Houpelandes.
> 9.  A 12th-century woman's gown (wool) with pendant sleeves, from
> Robin's article on same.  I have the blue wool for the gown, and have
> cream-colored wool that I want to dye with madder for the sleeve
> linings. I'll probably use linen for the undergown.
> 10. At least one really nice, reasonably authentic Norse outfit (10th
> century, western europe) as would be likely to be worn at court in
> Dublin by a native Irish woman.....
> 11. Oh, and a couple of flemish outfits, based on Drea's instructions.
> I have the wool and linen for these, and anticipate wearing them by next
> tourney season...;-)
> Geez, Penny, maybe I _have_ taken a lot of classes through your site in
> the last year <ggg>
> --Sue, certifiably insane costume junkie
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