[HNW] new year's costume resolutions

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Mon Dec 31 08:04:09 PST 2001

Yeah, well <sheepish grin>, what can I say???? I've always been
interested in clothing from most time periods, but being as the only
accessible recreation group for me is the SCA, I've never had the
opportunity to learn the post-16th century stuff (and still don't have a
place to wear it, but what the heck....at least I could, right? ;-)
And, hey, I didn't even _touch_ on my Needlework Resolutions......(but
now that I've mentioned it <g>):
Sue's needlework resolutions:
1.  Get my darned blackwork shift *done*.  I'm doing a striped, Italian
shift from handkerchief linen, embroidered in stripes using this great,
complicated little pattern that takes a month and a half to two months
(depending on whether I work an hour a day on it, or 2 hours a day) to
do one of the stripes.  Sleeves are done, and I'm now working on one of
the two body pieces.
2.  Finish the lovely "Desiderata" sampler I got a couple of years ago
in Sacramento.
3.  Finish the wedding ring quilt for my sister and her husband.
4.  Get good enough at tatting to do holiday presents for folks for next
5.  Oh, and hide all of my embroidery and sewing supplies from the
cats....I woke up this a.m. to find myself completely wrapped in several
dollars' worth of linen thread--all over me, the bed, the
bedroom....thanks to the kitten, probably....


Penny Ladnier wrote:
> Hey, Sue, when you finish, you can remake the show Quantum Leap!!!!  Then
> you can leap all over history.

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