[HNW] hand-knitting stockings

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Mon Dec 31 18:11:30 PST 2001

><<stockings, c.1850-60, for a woman

>I'd suggest 12 - 20 stitches to the inch, which means you'll need 0
>or smaller needles (that's a zero). You can use either soft or hard
>twist cotton, three or four ply, depending which knits up easier for
>you, and what you want the final product to feel like.

I measured my t-shirt, and it seems to be 28 st/inch (I had to squint real
hard).  The commercially knitted sox I'm wearing are 14 st/inch.  I have a
thin cotton sweater, the kind made to wear under jackets, where the yarn is
the weight of old fashioned package string, and it is 6 1/2 st/inch.  I
don't think I can see to knit any smaller than 8-9 st/inch, using something
the size of knit cro-sheen (that's as small as I can crochet).  Are you
sure 12-20 st/inch is the right gauge for hand knit stockings?

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