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Diane Sawyer tasha_medvedeva at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 31 23:56:02 PST 2001

--- Carolyn Kayta Barrows <kayta at frys.com> wrote:
> The other friend has a loving and indulgent husband
> who makes a lot of
> money, so when she told him she wanted one he got it
> for her.  Her machine
> is top-of-the-line and brand new, not that she can
> use it for anything but
> seams yet.  She said I could play with it when her
> husband gets the scanner
> up.  Her husband, a Silicon Valley professional (guy
> geek), should be able
> to figure out how it works, but he's an engineer,
> not a needleworker or a
> teacher.
> Kayta

Did it not come with lessons?  I'm sure that if she
cares to look, she can find a sewing machine shop with
lessons.  My apprentice sister has a Husqvarna
embroidery macine that does buttonhole after
buttonhole with no intervention on her part -- great
for those cotehardies with tons of buttons.  Hers came
with lessons *and* a video.  Lord knows I'd need both!

official household button-sewer-onner

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