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Mon Jan 1 05:28:05 PST 2001

Wow - what a request! I know that Krenick will do special orders for
designers, of colors in the right size. Maybe someone knows of a sales
rep for the company (or ask the store where you buy your thread) and
work thru them. However it always seems that special orders/requests
mean special inflated prices. As to the size, you could compare it to
the pearl cottons which come in 3,5,8,12 or the metallics  or the
cordonnet sizes.(tatting threads)or just state how many ply of the 12
ply you want.
	Could you somehow rig a system to unwind, and rewind, all 12 plys at
leif drews wrote:
> Dear listmemembers
> I wish you all a happy newyear, thanks for your help in the old year.
> I have started a new project, the reconstruction of a barok dress after
> a painting from 1660.
> This barokdress consist of a boned bodice and a skirt. The bodice and
> skirt are to be decorated with silverlace i have made myself. I have
> tryed several different metallic threads for this lace, and i have
> desided to use Anchors Lamé embroidery thread. It comes in skeins with
> 10 meters each. As the thread is much two thick for use, i have
> unwounded the skein. It consists of 12 threads, and it is very late to
> unwind this thread. I did one skein and it took me 6 hours.
> Now i have ben thinking about contacting the factory in Germany?, but i
> have not found any online at the web.
> Does anybody know where i could contact them?
> It would be much easyer for me to buy unwinded thread from them, and
> dont you think i could?
> How do one know wich size the thread is? If every skein consist of 12
> threads, wich size would the single thread be then? This is if i could
> get other thread in stead!
> -- I am rather desperate in this, the making of the lace alone would
> take me months, but it really would be easyer if i could get my hands on
> some thread that i dont have to unwind!
> Thanks in advance :-)
> Bjarne in Denmark.
> Leif Drews
> Åboulevard 5, 3 th
> 1635  København V
> Bjarne Drews
> Åboulevard 5,
> 1635 København V
> tlf. 35 37 13 70
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