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Milisent milisent at
Mon Jan 1 11:04:41 PST 2001


My boyfriend who also does lace work told me that he uses DMC metallic
embroidery thread. He unwinds the thread for 2 strands that equals approximately
1 strand of DMC 80.

I hope that this will help you.

Have a wonderful new Year


leif drews wrote:

> Dear listmemembers
> I wish you all a happy newyear, thanks for your help in the old year.
> I have started a new project, the reconstruction of a barok dress after
> a painting from 1660.
> This barokdress consist of a boned bodice and a skirt. The bodice and
> skirt are to be decorated with silverlace i have made myself. I have
> tryed several different metallic threads for this lace, and i have
> desided to use Anchors Lamé embroidery thread. It comes in skeins with
> 10 meters each. As the thread is much two thick for use, i have
> unwounded the skein. It consists of 12 threads, and it is very late to
> unwind this thread. I did one skein and it took me 6 hours.
> Now i have ben thinking about contacting the factory in Germany?, but i
> have not found any online at the web.
> Does anybody know where i could contact them?
> It would be much easyer for me to buy unwinded thread from them, and
> dont you think i could?
> How do one know wich size the thread is? If every skein consist of 12
> threads, wich size would the single thread be then? This is if i could
> get other thread in stead!
> -- I am rather desperate in this, the making of the lace alone would
> take me months, but it really would be easyer if i could get my hands on
> some thread that i dont have to unwind!
> Thanks in advance :-)
> Bjarne in Denmark.
> Leif Drews
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> 1635  København V
> Bjarne Drews
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